Waterproof Shower Curtain Spring Spun Polyester Shower Curtain

SKU: CJCL166874201AZ

$25.50 USD

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Product information:

Specification:100 W *200 H CM,120 W *200 H CM,150 W *200 H CM,180 W *200 h CM,200 W *200 h CM,220 W *200 h CM,240 W *200 h CM,180 W *180 h CM,150 W *180 h CM,200 W *180 h CM, 120 W *180 H CM,100 W *180 H CM,80 W *180 H CM,80 W *200 h CM
Subcomponent content of fabric:90
Principal component of fabric:Polyester fibre
Subcomponent of fabric:Polyester fibre

Packing list:

1*Shower curtain

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