Non-Electric Toilet Seat Water Sprinkler Bathroom Mechanical Bidet Fresh Water Nozzle Single Sprinkler

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1. Fashion Design
- beautifully designed bidet attachments, featuring chrome-plated water pressure control knobs for a more elegant look. 
2. Sanitary Protection
- Self-cleaning feature sanitizes the nozzle and retracts when not in use for maximum protection. The bidet also features a convenient movable nozzle guard gate for extra protection and easy maintenance. 
3. Nozzle Guard Gate
-The hygienic nozzle guard gate ensures the bidet is always ready for clean operation. The guard gate opens for access to the nozzle.
4. Retractable Nozzle Stays Clean
-The nozzle only drops below the guard gate when the bidet is used. When the water is turned off, the nozzle automatically retracts for hygienic storage. 
5. Convenient Nozzle Cleaning Feature
-While the bidet is designed to keep the retractable nozzle clean, this model also has a cleaning feature to thoroughly rinse the nozzle. 
6. Activate and Adjust Water Pressure Easily
-The control panel features a polished silver knob that allows the user to adjust the water pressure. The bidet can easily be operated by children and the elderly. 

Material: ABS plastic
Size: 225 * 150 * 45 * 430mm
Color: white

Package Content:
1 x Toilet Seat


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