Five Color Wind Turbine Shower Head 56 Speed Water Silicone Shower Head

SKU: CJJD166832005EV

$24.16 USD

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Product information :

Model : Silicone self-cleaning
Material : ABS

Features : 
High pressure water outlet

Use Eco-Friendly ABS material

Removable cleaning

5-speed adjustment:Pulse modes/ Rain mode/ Shower mode/ Soft mode/ Mist mode/ Spray Gun mode
Improve mineral nutrient absorption,reduce oil secretion and increase cell viability

Dense outlet holes,Large water flow to prevent clogging

One-key press to stop the water, convenient for washing hair, bathing for children, bathing for pets, convenient and quick, worry-free and water-saving

Easy Installation, simply screw onto any standard shower hose.

Built-in turbo fan,The water flow drives the turbofan to rotate quickly to further increase the pressure

Packing list:

1 * Shower head

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