Dry Brushing Body Brush Set - Get Rid of Dry Skin and Achieve Healthy, Beautiful Skin Naturally - Massaging Body Brush & Long Handle Back Brush+Face Brush

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Focus on natural materials and pursue a healthy life, bathroom and bath combination kit series
1. Using lotus wood material, the massager can be used all over the body, high-quality raw lotus wood material
2. The refined craftsmanship is finely polished, the workmanship is refined, and you can't put it down
3. Selected log massage beads, the massage beads are made of log material, and the quality of the log is extraordinary.
4. Massage the whole body through the air bag hole with elasticity, light pressure on the whole body massage


Product Name: Handle Massager
Model: ZDT
Size: 13 * 7.5 * 3.5CM.
Material: lotus, cotton rope, rubber

Name: oval bath brush with handle
Model: TYYS
Size: 12 * 6.4 * 3.3CM.
Material: lotus, bristle, cotton rope

Name: Drawer Kraft Box
Model: 40CTZH
Size: 40 * 10 * 4CM.
Material: Kraft paper

Name: face brush
Model: MS
Size : 14.5 * 3.7 * 2.9CM
Material: lotus, bristle

Package Content:

1*Removable handle bath brush head+1*massage head+1*face brush+1*kraft paper box


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