Bathing Bath Ball Bubble Bomb Explosion Bath Salt


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Efficacy: brighten skin tone, smooth skin
Category: bubble bomb/essential oil bubble bath ball
Put the whole essential oil ball into a bathtub filled with water to make the bubble bomb fully dissolve in the water. You can gradually crush the bath ball with your hands. (The soft sea salt during the melting process can also be used for body rubbing and exfoliation),
Soak all the body in the bathtub. You can put petals in, after 15-20 minutes, use a dry towel to soak up the body water droplets.

The texture of rose oil is clear and silky, oily but not greasy. It has the effects of smoothing fine lines, moisturizing the skin, moisturizing, delaying aging, tightening the skin, and smoothing fine lines. With antioxidant factors, it can make the skin soft, healthy and elastic.

Rosehip Oil
The repairing effect is well-known, helping to improve pigmentation, brighter skin tone; and give new vitality to damaged and aging skin; soft, tender and moisturizing skin, actively improving dryness, making skin plump, plump and elastic.

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