Bath Bombs 14 Pieces Of Explosive Salt Ball Gift Box With Various Fragrance Bath Balls Bubble Bath Bomb for Women

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How to use the bath : Fill the bathtub with warm water, take an appropriate amount of explosive salt, and put it into the bathtub. The explosive salt will gradually dissolve in the water and will release a lot of bubbles and emit a fragrant smell. At this time, go to the pool to take a bath and start enjoying the unique journey of hot spring bathing.
[How to use the foot bath] Put a proper amount of warm water in the basin, put 1-2 capsules of explosive salt into it, and soak the middle part for 10-15 minutes. (When the salt is put in the water, the water rolls from the inside like boiling, put the feet in the water, refreshing and moisturizing, the feet are tender and comfortable

Product name : Jacoozy Explosive Bath Salt Ball (including the color box)
Specification : 100g * 14
Product ingredients : sodium, bicarbonate, citric acid, sea salt, (corn) starch, Shea butter, plant extracts, etc.
Product features : select high-quality raw materials, ingredients and adds a variety of minerals. It is rich in calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, and other trace elements needed by the human body. SAP enjoyment will make you feel very relaxed, refreshed, and full of vitality afterward

Package Content

Bath Bomb 12 pieces x1 box


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